Have you ever tried putting yourself first?

Even just once?

I’m chipping away at that habit women have of putting themselves last on the list. You know what it’s like, everyone else’s time is more important than yours, everyone else’s well-being is higher up the list, everyone else’s right to creative time trumps your right. Oh and everyone else should definitely have homes and hobbies that reflect their taste

But not you.

I believe we can change this.

I create beautiful stationery for busy women, so they have the tools to carve out creative time.

I get it though. Putting yourself first sounds really selfish, doesn't it?⁠⁠

Here's the thing though, if you continually place yourself as the cup from which everyone else can fill, pretty soon you're not going to have the capacity to do that anymore. ⁠⁠

Or you'll resent it.⁠⁠

Put another way, putting yourself first at least part of the time means you'll be more more able - physically, mentally and emotionally - to continue to be the generous, caring and vital person you're proud to be.⁠⁠⁠

But being so will be a pleasure, not the required criteria of your existence.⁠⁠

I first picked up a paintbrush in May 2020 and by doing so ticked soooo many boxes of a lockdown cliché…bit bored? Check! Trying to get the kids to be more “arty”? Double check! But there was also a wee whisper of rebellion, of a “No, I’m going to put myself first for once.”

Putting myself first and carving out that creative time is one of the things I’m most proud of. Supporting you to do so is a very close second.

Willow & Weeds is a business built by a woman who was made for more…for women who were made for more.


Jo Rourke having coffee