Willow & Weeds is on UK's Small Biz 100 list!

Willow & Weeds is on the Small Biz 100 list!

This is big news. HUGE news! We can't believe we're getting to write this but each year 100 small businesses from around the U.K. get selected for this list and this year Willow & Weeds is on it! We are thrilled, proud, excited, ecstatic, emotional...probably best to leave it that we're on cloud 9!

Especially given how tough the landscape is for businesses around the U.K. and Ireland at the moment, we are so grateful for such an opportunity.

In the 100 days from now until Small Business Saturday, which is on the 5th December this year, the Small Business Saturday team will be featuring one amazing small business each day and Willow & Weeds' day is 16th November! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported Willow & Weeds, bought from Willow & Weeds, liked our Instagram posts, shared our Stories and generally been 100% awesome - we would never have had the confidence to keep going with this whole thing if it wasn’t for you.