How to draw a dandelion

How to draw a dandelion - video tutorial

It’s no secret that I love dandelions. I mean, my logo is a dandelion! So of course I wanted to teach you how to draw a dandelion too! I promise you, it’s not hard to do. In fact, in this video, I show you step by step how to draw a dandelion and it’ll be the fluffiest, featheriest, most whimsical dandelion you ever did see.

It also happens to be one of my favourite “mindful” things to draw, and when you start working on that seed head you’re going to see why! I first did this video on my Instagram as a live session and it was so much fun.

Everyone who took part could not believe how easy (and therapeutic) it was to do.

All you need for this tutorial is a pencil and a piece of paper. Now, let’s get started!

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